Reaching Relevant Audiences by Creating a Clear View of the Consumer Journey

A client from the mattress industry used Comscore insights to help create a clear view of the landscape and the consumer journey to improve audience targeting.

The Scenario

A successful marketing campaign should reach relevant audiences – wherever they are. Nowadays marketers are facing the pressure to find new solutions to reach that in scale

Comscore helped a client from the mattress industry understand how consumers engage with mattresses online and how that impacts their research path, including which touchpoints and competitors are most important within the research journey. The project covered three international markets – UK, France and Germany.

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The Solution

Using the Comscore panel we were able to identify mattress researchers and buyers and analyse their browsing behaviour, enhancing this dataset by adding demographics, pre-defined touchpoint visitation and search behaviour.

Number 1

Identify the consumer journey to learn who purchases from main competitor and how those consumers can be reached.

Number 2

Understand the importance of pre-defined touchpoints to prioritize investment.

Start and end of the consumer journey: touchpoints A to E and their share of the target audience

All mattress researchers on both desktop and mobile tend to start their journey on touchpoint A sites. Touchpoint B becomes more important towards the end of the research journey, before visiting touchpoint A increases significantly again in the last step.

First step
Second-to-last step
Last Step

Importance of touchpoints : percentage of mattress researchers that visiting touchpoint A - E throughout the consumer journey

Over 4 in 5 desktop mattress researchers visited touchpoint A sites and around three quarters of the mobile researchers did too, making it the most important touchpoint. Touchpoint B is the 2nd most important touchpoint.

Reach of Mobile and Desktop touchpoints

The Success

This particular Online Consumer Journey case highlights Comscore’s ability to provide granular data for consumer products not typically associated with online purchase journeys.
Benefits of the Custom Analysis:

  • Helped the client to identify which of the pre-defined touchpoints are most important and in which touchpoints they should invest.
  • Analysis of each individual touchpoint showed the client the most popular sites for mattress research allowing them to pick the top sites to advertise on and increase their presence.
  • The user journey data of the client’s main competitor allowed them to specifically target using advanced audience data (demos coupled with over-indexing sites and categories).
  • Research helped to prove that the internal budget should be increased for partnerships with specific site categories.

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