- 26. Januar 2024

Comscore & Nexstar Reach Multi-Year Agreement for Linear & Cross-Platform Audience Measurement

Steve Bagdasarian
Steve Bagdasarian
Chief Commercial Officer

At the core of Comscore’s success is a unified methodology, setting the gold standard in the industry. With local market-level data starting at the household level, building up to all residential zip codes and then seamlessly integrating into and elevating national metrics, Comscore continues to redefine excellence in linear TV Measurement.

Today, we are pleased to advance that excellence with the announcement that Nexstar, the largest local broadcast television group in the United States, has selected Comscore as one of its trusted currency providers for cross-platform audience measurement. Comscore’s currency-grade linear measurement will provide precision and granularity on TV viewership behavior across all of Nexstar’s 116 markets.

This multi-year agreement will enable Nexstar to deliver precise audience insights across screens to help advertisers optimize total reach and measure holistic cross-platform campaigns —with de-duplicated in-flight monitoring of key metrics such as reach and frequency, incrementality, and co-viewing. This expansion of our partnership with Nexstar will give advertisers market level precision down to the specific region across linear and digital.

Nexstar’s expanded partnership with Comscore underscores how programmers are increasingly looking to enhance their measurement capabilities to provide marketers with accurate and granular data on the audiences delivered across their content and platform channels.

Michael Biard, Nexstar’s President and Chief Operating Officer, described this agreement as “paving the way for advertisers’ deeper insight into who is watching and interacting with our programming and when they are doing so, enabling them to better target the audiences they want to reach.”

I applaud Nexstar for leading the charge to bring precision and granularity across screens to their brand and agency partners. Consumers are watching and interacting with content everywhere. The challenge for advertisers and marketers, is maximizing the total audience reach across screens, and finding consumers where they are watching content and reaching them there regardless of the screen. We look forward to driving success and greater opportunities ahead for Nexstar Media.

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