- 26. Juni 2020

Our Continued Commitment to Change: A Message from Comscore’s CEO Bill Livek

Bill Livek
Bill Livek
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice Chairman

At Comscore, the Executive Leadership Team and I are committed to creating meaningful change. We’ve been using our time in the last several weeks to carefully listen, learn, reflect and plan for action. This will be a constant exercise for us, since individually and as a company we’re always learning and doing better. Today I want to communicate some specific and foundational actions we are taking to create a more inclusive, more diverse Comscore.

  • Formalize an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Alliance. We will formalize our efforts to build and expand our diversity and inclusion efforts through the creation of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Alliance, co-chaired by Chief People Officer Sara Dunn and myself, to guide our EDI strategy and hold ourselves accountable to our commitments.
  • Commitment to learning. We are compiling educational resources and programs for our employees to nurture the quest for education and growth. In the coming weeks, we will launch “Be the Change,” a series of internal panel discussions and training modules, and are exploring additional structured learning programs to further foster an inclusive environment in our day-to-day lives.
  • Collect input and establish baselines. We’re in the business of data. We measure what matters, and an inclusive and diverse Comscore matters! We are committing to conducting internal surveys to check our cultural progress. This survey data and analysis of internal demographics will help inform priorities, action areas, and hold us accountable to our EDI goals.
  • Foster community with Employee Resource Groups. Comscore already proudly supports employee-led, employee-centered resource groups (ERGs) like the Professional Women of Comscore, Veterans of Comscore, and the Young Professionals Group. New ERGs are approaching lift-off, a further reflection of the diverse communities we have at Comscore, and we will continue to lend our support to these important efforts.
  • Expand representation through our talent: Comscore is committed to continuously take action to improve representation and equity. We are already looking at the ways in which we can be more intentional in our approach to talent development, how we can think differently about building our talent pipelines and how we can more actively celebrate the many diverse communities represented across our Comscore team.

Our path to a deeper, more inclusive Comscore is going to be in our collective commitment to recognizing our opportunities to do better, seizing our roles in driving change, and holding ourselves accountable. Our efforts to improve must be woven into the fabric of how we do business and how we move our business forward. Together, we are working to make a big impact and drive change within our company, within the industry, and beyond.

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