- 14. März 2019

Surviving the Social Media Outage of 2019

Tania Yuki
Tania Yuki

Paul Kontonis, CMO of WHOSAY, will be speaking at  our INTERACT Summit on May 3rd in NYC. I was posting this info on Instagram, or I should say, trying to post it, when I noticed the progress bar pump the brakes just short of completion. Unsuccessful post. So… I stood there staring at my phone like an infant. Huh?

Now that we’ve all survived the Social Media Outage of 2019, I asked around the office for observations and feelings. Gotta say, in theory, if you’d asked me before this happened how I’d react in a hypothetical IG shutdown, I’d have said, “Wouldn’t mind at all, no problem.” But in truth I felt itchy. I felt cut off in a way that made me much more uncomfortable than I’d have guessed.

Michael Krebs, our new Sales Director: “I was concerned that the blackout would disallow me from being influenced.” He added a :-) for good measure. Yesterday was Michael’s first day at Shareablee. The man knows how to arrive with a bang.

Kaitlyn Harrison, our Senior Customer Success Manager: “I was so annoyed. I kept checking and hoping that it was going to be back.”

Prince Okebalama, our Account Manager: “As someone that posts a number of times a day to my InstaStories and a couple times a week to my main page I did find myself frustrated with the Instagram bug. I also had another moment when a lot of my stories were stacked up unable to post, so I just deleted them and waited till the update happened later in the day. It made me think a bit deeper about how connected I am to my phone and social media. Maybe I shouldn't be so aware of my inability to share momentary highlights… maybe. Nonetheless, I'm glad it's back up and running!"

Jonathan Lieberman, our Chief Technology Officer: “My daughter actually replied to my text messages for a while from college. I don't expect to hear from her again until the semester is over.”

Mike Myers, our Client Success Manager: "For a day, Twitter was king with pervading memories of MySpace."

Melanie Brown, our Director of Business Development: "Instagram was down?"

Rich Faur, our Director of Finance: "Insta-what?"

And some comments after chatting with our Dictionary wizards, who rely a lot on Facebook and Instagram to create properties: “At first we thought that a ton of companies were no longer maintaining their accounts. And when we realized it was an outage, we were immediately concerned about malicious actors. After which, we waited (semi-) patiently.”

As of this writing,  Milo was not affected.

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