- 22. November 2011

Younger Generations Drive Latin American and Asian Online Markets

Many of the world's fastest growing online markets are in Latin America and Asia where younger generations are driving digital adoption. A look at which global markets are driven by young Internet populations showed Venezuela having the highest percentage of its total online population age 15 to 24 at close to half (44.5%). Indonesia followed with 15-24 year olds accounting for 41.8% of its online population, followed closely by Vietnam (40.7%) and Colombia (40.2%).

In comparison, the markets with the highest proportion of visitors age 55 and older were largely found in Western Europe, where markets often have an ageing overall population and more mature digital environments. Sweden topped the list with 26.1% of its online population in this segment, while one in four online users in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands resided in the 55+ cohort.

Top Markets of Percentage Unique Visitors Worldwide 15-24