10. Februar 2023

Champions League Ranking by engagement

Roberta Cavalcante
Roberta Cavalcante
Senior Corporate Marketing Manager

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious club football tournaments in the world. It brings together the top club teams from across Europe to compete for the title of European champions. The tournament has a rich history, dating back to 1955, and nowadays is widely followed by fans across the world on social media.

In January 2023, the cross-platform audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram reached 1.3 billion people who generated 987.8 million social interactions during the month.

Real Madrid C.F (ES) leads the ranking with the biggest audience with 289,836,557 followers and the higher number of cross-platform actions – 231,857,824. PSG - Paris Saint-Germain (Global – English) rank third by total actions, but lead the engagement per post with 191,948 cross-platform actions.

See the top 10 properties by engagement:

Top 10 properties Actions (CP) Actions Per Post (CP) Audience (CP)
1. Real Madrid C.F. (ES) Real Madrid C.F. (ES) 231,857,824 165,613 289,836,557
2. FC Barcelona (ES - English) FC Barcelona (ES - English) 229,658,202 171,515 265,595,424
3. PSG - Paris Saint-Germain PSG - Paris Saint-Germain (Global - English) 203,081,091 191,948 117,705,509
4. Manchester City FC Manchester City FC (UK) 83,304,564 58,500 94,539,035
5. Chelsea Football Club Chelsea Football Club (UK) 70,722,293 113,519 111,383,011
6. Liverpool FC Liverpool FC (UK) 47,655,415 52,833 104,343,096
FC Bayern München FC Bayern München (DE) 31,302,397 42,187 86,947,761
8. Juventus Juventus (IT - English) 28,149,523 39,759 100,990,080
9. Inter Inter (IT) 24,736,988 18,754 42,484,730
10. Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur (UK) 21,103,157 28,403 49,269,619

Source: Shareablee powered by Comscore, Power Ranking, January 2023.

Actions are a measure of total engagement. They include reactions, likes, shares, comments, retweets, and so on. CP, i.e. Cross-Platform, refers to the combination Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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