- 18. September 2013

vCE Charter Study Japan

Sprecher: Yosuke Maekawa, Senior Sales Director Japan, Comscore Inc.

To better understand the current state of online ad delivery in the Japan online advertising market, Comscore conducted a charter study among 76 campaigns. The result showed the current state of viewablility, brand-safety and in target reach, while it illustrated the basic problem concerning the Japan online ad market. Key insights include:

  • More than half of the ads have not been seen. Japan online advertising average viewability was 49%, which was lower than other regions. There was also a variation across campaigns, one campaign reached more than 70% of in-view, while another resulted around 20%.
  • Most impression made the target geography. 4.2% of impressions were delivered outside Japan. This also varied across campaigns; some were delivered 100% to Japan, while another resulted more than 5% of the impression being delivered outside Japan.
  • The content in which an ad runs can make negative effects for the brand. 0.92% of the ads in the analyzed campaign were delivered to a page which has objectionable content. Though this was lower than 1%, it is 9 times higher compared with APAC data.