- 5. März 2015

Pre-Launch Mobile Metrix® Peru

The explosive growth in mobile devices adoption makes it critical to understand target audiences and to have visibility into the mobile market. Have you considered that you are planning without information about the behavior and characteristics of mobile users? Comscore brings the first tool in Peru to help measure mobile audiences. Comscore Mobile Metrix® provides direct and continuous monitoring of the real behavior of consumers on mobile devices and apps, generating unprecedented insights inside mobile browsing.

In the presentation, you will find information about the growth of mobile applications usage and mobile ad spend among other topics.

Here are some of the highlights covered in the presentation:

  • The growth in app usage has promoted a higher participation in digital engagement.
  • The largest portion of the engagement comes only from a few categories.
  • More than 35% of users downloaded more than 20 apps on his/her smartphone.
  • Mobile changes the rules of the game at the publishers’ level.
  • The partnership with Flurry of Yahoo will allow taking mobile measurement to a global scale.

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