8. Dezember 2021

Shareablee CPG Webinar 2021

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in cultural values, and accelerated digital transformation have had a profound impact on businesses across verticals and across the world, but the impact on CPG brands may be one of the most drastic and tangible.

The rapid changes in buying behaviors have called for marketers and business leaders to innovate and find new ways to reach their customers while fitting into their lives and value systems. We will discuss the most pressing shifts in consumer behavior impacting the CPG industry, and how smart marketers are thinking about the future.

This presentation of original research by Shareablee dives deep into the issues CPG marketers and business leaders care about today.

  • The “new normal” of purchasing habits and online shopping
  • How social media presence is critical for shopper engagement, including the impact of influencers and social media on product discovery
  • How shoppers expect brands to take stances on social causes, and what that means for business
  • Key trends in the CPG space on social media

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