30. November 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Advocacy Messaging with Big Data for the 2024 Political Cycle

Francie Dudrey
Francie Dudrey
Communications Captain At-Large
Democratic Party of Denver
Ian Silverii
Ian Silverii
The Bighorn Company
Steve Passwaiter
Steve Passwaiter
Silver Oak Political

In the rapidly evolving landscape of political and advocacy communications, every dollar spent counts more than ever. With 2024 poised to break records in political and advocacy ad spending, the need for precision and impact is undeniable.

In this exclusive panel discussion hosted by Carol Hinnant, EVP of Comscore, with special guest speakers Francie Dudrey, Communications Captain At-Large of the Democratic Party of Denver, Ian Silverii, Founder of The Bighorn Company, and Steve Passwaiter, President of Silver Oak Political, it was discussed how Comscore's unique datasets, powered by its groundbreaking best in class tools, can empower you to deliver your messages to the right audiences, on the right platforms, thereby enhancing mobilization, increasing support, and neutralizing disinformation about your cause before it spreads.

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