16. Juni 2009 - Veranstaltung: comScore Webinar

Start Digging! Search Data is a Hidden Goldmine for Online Publishers

Sprecher: Eli Goodman

Search data for Publishers? It's a question I am asked frequently: Why would Publishers who don't sell directly to consumers want to invest in online Search?

The truth is that paid and organic search can grow your advertising revenue by increasing the volume of highly-targeted consumer traffic. In addition, online search data is a valuable window into the minds of consumers. Knowing what consumers are searching for and how they are searching provides significant competitive advantage in the hyper-competitive online marketplace.

Are you ready to learn how to best leverage online search in your business?

In this presentation, Eli Goodman explores a case study showing how publishers use search to drive more qualified traffic to their websites, and also demonstrates the use of search data to gain critical strategic insight for:

  • Competitive Intelligence – How important is search to my industry and my competition?
  • Branding – What should my search strategy be related to my own brand?
  • Ad Sales – How can I use search data to assist with my advertising revenue?
  • Driving Qualified Traffic – Will a qualitative analysis of search terms help my targeting

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