Google Android Leads Acceleration in Smartphone Adoption in Japan

iPhones Still Account for 3 of Top 5 Smartphone Models

Comscore Releases Latest Mobile Industry Insights from its MobiLens Product

Tokyo, Japan, June 30, 2011 – Comscore Japan KK, a wholly owned subsidiary of Comscore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the latest insights into mobile usage in Japan from its Comscore MobiLens product. The report found that Google Android led as the top smartphone platform in March 2011 with 4.6 million users, more than doubling its subscriber base from December 2010. Apple ranked second with 3.9 million mobile subscribers in Japan.

Smartphone Landscape by Platform

In March 2011, more than 9.7 million people owned smartphones in Japan (defined as those phones that use the Google, Apple, Microsoft and other platforms), an increase of 71 percent from September 2010, as smartphone adoption has continued to accelerate in Japan. The surge in smartphone adoption during the past six months has been led by Android devices, which has increased its installed base by nearly 3.8 million users while the market as a whole has grown by 4.1 million users.

Google Android led as the top smartphone platform in March 2011 with 4.6 million subscribers, more than doubling in just the past three months. Despite giving up its #1 position, Apple still grew 17 percent in the past six months to 3.9 million mobile subscribers. The two leading platforms accounted for 87 percent of the smartphone market in Japan.

Google and Apple Smartphone Platform Audience in Japan
September 2010, December 2010 , March 2011
Total Japan Mobile Audience Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens

Total Audience (000)




Total Smartphone Audience




Google Android












Smartphone Landscape by Device

Although Google Android has become the largest smartphone platform, Apple iPhones remain atop the list of most popular devices in Japan. A ranking of the top smartphone devices by number of subscribers reveals that three of the top five devices are iPhones while the other two, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia and Toshiba’s REGZA, both operate the Google Android platform.

Top Smartphone Handset Audience in Japan
March 2011
Total Japan Mobile Audience Age 13+
Source: Comscore MobiLens

Top Smartphone Devices by Audience


Apple - iPhone 4 32GB


Sony Ericsson – Xperia


Apple - iPhone 4 16GB


Apple - iPhone 3G S 32GB


Toshiba - REGZA Phone T-01C

Daizo Nishitani, President of Comscore Japan KK commented, “Although smartphone adoption rates in Japan have historically lagged behind the U.S. and Europe, we have witnessed the rapid increase of smartphone users in Japan throughout the past several months fueled by iPhone and Android devices. Smartphone adoption is increasing not only in the larger cities like Tokyo, but throughout the smaller regions as well, signaling what could be the beginning of a tide change in the Japanese mobile market.”

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