- 9. Juni 2021

Adweek Elevate: TV and Video Measurement conference

- Dieses Event hat bereits stattgefunden -

The TV industry is facing significant disruption following 2020, forcing marketers to grapple with how to adjust to a fragmented environment and navigate the obstacles and opportunities of a multiplatform future in which consumer behavior directly impacts content strategies. Join Adweek's inaugural Elevate: TV and Video Measurement event as we tackle the ever-growing video measurement conundrum, and what the future holds. How can marketers ensure efficiencies? What role, if any, will third-party data play in 2021 and beyond?

The Challenges of Audience Measurement

9. Juni : 15:25 - 15:45 ET
Bill Livek
Bill Livek
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Vice Chairman

The way advertising and measurement works across the digital ecosystem is drastically changing as we speak. All signs point to a need for holistic and unduplicated measurement that delivers an accurate understanding of media exposures across platforms. Achieving true visibility and transparency around the reach and frequency of content and ads won’t come, however, without its obstacles.

Join Adweek and Comscore CEO Bill Livek for a candid conversation about the current state of the industry following a shift in viewing patterns during the pandemic, his take on audience measurement and actionable insights to shape your own strategies in 2021 and beyond.