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Blog Jul. 15, 2016 | Share

Premium Publishers Drive Much Higher Brand Lift, Particularly Mid-Funnel

Premium Publishers Drive Much Higher Brand Lift, Particularly Mid-Funnel

comScore recently conducted research examining the branding effectiveness of digital display and video ads appearing on Digital Content Next (DCN) member sites compared to non-member sites. DCN is a consortium of digital publishers whose brands have a direct relationship with the consumer and therefore are more likely to be household names and are generally... Read more

Blog Jul. 8, 2016 | Share

comScore in Journal of Advertising Research on How Marketers Can Minimize Losses Caused by Bogus Web Traffic

comScore in Journal of Advertising Research

In the following article entitled “Fraud in Digital Advertising: A Multibillion-Dollar Black Hole,” comScore Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus Gian Fulgoni identifies a variety of creative and sophisticated ways for smart marketers, faced with the challenges of digital ad fraud, to ensure they can still reach their target segments in a cost-effective... Read more

Blog Jun. 20, 2016 | Share

Ad Fraud: Digital’s Newest Bad Guy

Ad Fraud: Digital’s Newest Bad Guy

Several years ago we, as an industry, asked ourselves: should a non-viewable impression be considered a valid one? After countless industry discussions, analyses, and studies, we concluded the answer to this question is an unequivocal “no.” After all, if an ad is not seen, then it can’t possibly do its job of having an impact on the consumer. Read more

Blog May. 30, 2016 | Share

Ad Fraud in Mobile Advertising: The Next Battleground

The often-quoted suggestion that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” was first uttered long before sophisticated digital advertising fraud threatened marketing budgets around the globe, but the principles have never been more relevant. The tools to combat fraud exist, but a proactive and informed effort... Read more

Blog Apr. 13, 2016 | Share

Players vs Referees in the Digital Advertising World

Establishing a clear definition of roles between players and referees is central to the smooth, fair running of sporting contests. The presence of an impartial third party facilitates even treatment of both sides, ensures that rules are consistently applied, and delivers an end result which can be trusted. The same principles can be applied to the digital... Read more

Blog Apr. 4, 2016 | Share

Sophisticated Detection Techniques Essential for Uncovering Majority of Invalid Traffic for Digital Ads

Sophisticated Detection Techniques Essential for Uncovering Majority of Invalid Traffic for Digital Ads

The top online display advertisers deliver hundreds of billions of impressions every year. Unfortunately, more than half of the ad impressions served – 52 percent – never have the chance to make an impact because they’re either not viewable or not delivered to a human. Read more

Blog Mar. 30, 2016 | Share

4 things brands should consider when going Programmatic this year

Smart creative executions have more impact when delivered to the right people, under the right conditions. At comScore, we break this down into four areas that combine for what we’d call the “verified impression”. More simply, it’s the question advertisers want to know – could my ad have been seen by my target human audience in a brand-safe... Read more

Blog Jan. 28, 2016 | Share

Viewability Analysis Reveals Ad Delivery Improvement in Italy

Viewability is an increasingly important topic in the Italian digital advertising industry, especially for advertisers who have become more aware of the issue, often demanding higher in-view rates and greater accountability from their publisher partners. Read more

Blog Nov. 18, 2015 | Share

Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising

Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising

While advertising has evolved tremendously with the advent of new digital technologies, its goal today is much the same as it has always been—to elicit feelings, emotions, perceptions and actions that ultimately increase sales and build brand loyalty. Finding ways to do this in the most efficient manner is vital, and being able to quantify a return... Read more

Blog Oct. 27, 2015 | Share

Optimise Toward ‘Golden Impressions’ to Put Trust Back Into Digital Advertising

The issues of viewability, brand safety and invalid traffic, particularly non-human traffic, have increasingly given rise to negative connotations for our industry. These combined have slowly dripped away at the underlying faith in the digital ecosystem. It’s been a bitter pill for the industry to swallow – that many of the advances in reducing... Read more