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India’s Online Display Ad Landscape

A young and upwardly mobile population with growing income levels and increasing online penetration makes India a very lucrative online market. In line with this trend online advertising has seen a very healthy growth pattern in the last few years. Just in the last passed quarter more than 96 billion ad impressions were delivered across India’s websites.... Read more

By: Amarpal Singh Tags: Ad Impressions, Advertising, CPG, Marketing Research

Blog Nov. 12, 2012 | Share Digital Endcap Funnel & Average CPM

How the “Digital Endcap” Can Help Improve Online Retailers’ Bottom Lines

This year we are seeing the emergence of another form of display ad that resides further down the funnel, which we are calling the “Digital Endcap,” which refers to a display ad for a manufacturer appearing on a retailer’s website. Read more

By: Eli Goodman Tags: Advertising, Black Friday, CPG, Cyber Monday, e-Commerce

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Value Claims Improve Advertising Effectiveness in Recessionary Times

In today’s uncertain economic environment with the lingering effects of the recession, advertisers and agencies are working harder than ever to employ effective advertising approaches. One consistent debate has been whether or not to include a “value claim” – defined as including information about price, value, savings or special offers –... Read more

By: Diane Wilson Tags: Advertising, Comparison Shopping, CPG, e-Commerce, Retail, Shopping

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In Push for Digital Dollars, Look Beyond CPG's Big TV Budgets

By any measure, sales of consumer package goods represent an enormous industry - convenience and club stores, supermarkets, supercenters and drug stores, macaroni, mouthwash, mustard and other daily necessities generate more than $1 trillion in annual sales. So it's no surprise that, for years, the online-ad industry has eyed CPG giants' vast marketing... Read more

By: Gian Fulgoni Tags: CPG, Retail

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The Revenge of Neglected Brands

Many small brands are never advertised on TV and do not get to experience the glamour and rewards of brand advertising. Often, the reason is the unattractive economics of trying to reach a low incidence buyer base. For instance, in a product category with only a 5% buyer penetration, a brand using a gunshot advertising approach on TV will reach 95 out... Read more

By: Magid M. Abraham, Ph.D. Tags: CPG

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Interview with Surinder Siama of ResearchTalk Podcasts

I was recently interviewed by Surinder Siama of ResearchTalk Podcasts about current trends in Internet market research, and thought I’d share the video with you below. Much of our discussion focuses on a recent study that comScore conducted with P&G, Yahoo! and SEMPO that explored the potential for the CPG industry to invest in, and benefit from,... Read more

By: Gian Fulgoni Tags: Advertising, CPG

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How the Availability of Information Impacts Marketing Spending

With comScore’s IPO successfully completed and our company now well established as the leading supplier of digital marketing intelligence to more than 700 clients, I occasionally find myself thinking nostalgically back to August 1999, when Magid Abraham and I founded comScore. Read more

By: Gian Fulgoni Tags: CPG

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Beyond Direct Response: Search's Role in the Media Mix for Branding and Offline Sales

Hi, my name is James Lamberti, SVP Search and Media at comScore. I’m heavily involved in our search work and often partner with clients and the industry to dive deeper into the role and value of search. On June 27th, I am delivering a keynote at Searchnomics 2007, titled “Beyond Direct Response: Search's Role in the Media Mix for Branding and Offline... Read more

By: James Lamberti Tags: Advertising, CPG, e-Commerce, Retail, Search, Shopping

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