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Blog Apr. 2, 2015 | Share

Which Social Networks Have the Most Engaged Audience?

Multi-Platform Audience Penetration vs. Engagement of Leading Social Networks

Last week comScore released the 2015 U.S. Digital Future in Focus, our annual report highlighting the key digital trends of 2014 with an eye towards what they mean for the coming year. Social media remains one of the paramount digital topics, as leading platforms continue to attract huge audiences and account for an increasingly large share of consumers’... Read more

Blog Dec. 23, 2011 | Share

State of the U.S. Social Networking Market: Facebook Maintains Leadership Position, but Upstarts Gaining Traction

comScore recently released our global social networking report, “It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows about Social Networking and Where it’s Headed,” which we certainly encourage you to download if you haven’t already. And while the report offers a comprehensive global view of what’s happening in social media, I thought it might also... Read more

Blog Sep. 19, 2011 | Share

Is Linkedin Becoming an Essential Resource for Job Seekers?

A couple weeks ago, Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner offered an interesting viewpoint on some new ways of solving the current U.S. unemployment situation. Weiner argues that the current dislocation in the job market is not merely an unfortunate byproduct of the housing and financial crises, but that the rapid pace of change in our economy is resulting in difficulty... Read more

Blog Jun. 15, 2011 | Share

The Network Effect: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter & Tumblr Reach New Heights in May

With each passing month it seems that social networking becomes more deeply ingrained into our digital lives. If we take a look back at the past few years we can see just how pervasive it has become. Back in 2007, social networking represented about 1 out of every 12 minutes spent online, while today it accounts for 1 out of every 6 minutes. Read more

Blog Sep. 10, 2010 | Share

LinkedIn: Crossing Borders and Connecting People

Last week, comScore announced our acquisition of Nedstat, a leading provider of global analytics and online optimization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was great to welcome the Nedstat folks as part of the comScore team, and we have already begun the process of integrating our companies. In working with a handful of people from Nedstat, I noticed... Read more