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Blog Jun. 18, 2014 | Share Interview with Brian Jurutka Interview with Brian Jurutka

Brian Jurutka, Senior Vice President, Telecoms at comScore, talks to at TM World Forum 2014 about comScore’s role in helping companies understand and monetize digital consumer relationships. Specific to mobile operators, he believes one of their biggest challenges lies in competing with OTT players in an environment where operator’s... Read more

Blog May. 7, 2014 | Share

Internal Optimization – A Solid Path to External Monetization of Mobile Operators’ Big Data

Internal Optimization – A Solid Path to External Monetization of Mobile Operators’ Big Data

Carrier’s revenue from Voice and SMS in mature wireless markets are generally in decline, while Data revenues are still steadily increasing. The main problem however, is that increases in Data revenues are not enough to negate Voice and SMS declines so, ARPU’s are relatively flat – for now. Data revenue is expected to peak in the next handful... Read more

Blog Apr. 7, 2014 | Share

Are Mobile Operators Asking the Right Questions of their Subscriber Big Data?

Subscriber Analytix Questions Guide

With more than 50% of all mobile service revenues driven from data services in the U.S. in 2013, the demand for mobile data is exploding faster than ever before. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for data services have grown by 5% quarter over quarter by the end of Q4 in 2013; however, this has come at a cost to traditional Voice and SMS revenues. Here... Read more

Blog Sep. 9, 2010 | Share

Above and Beyond in Customer Service

A few weeks ago, I decided to buy a 4G iPhone. Previously, I had used an AT&T Tilt for about three years, having originally bought it because of its ability to reliably synch with comScore’s corporate Exchange e-mail servers. Since I already had an account with AT&T, when I bought the iPhone I simply switched that account from the Tilt to... Read more

Blog Jul. 1, 2010 | Share

comScore Acquires the Products Division of Nexius

Today, comScore announced the acquisition of the products division of mobile network analytics provider Nexius, Inc., called the Xplore product suite. I want to offer a few thoughts on why we are so excited about this news. Read more