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Blog Mar. 25, 2016 | Share

“Mobile is Eating Bricks and Mortar”

“Mobile is Eating Bricks and Mortar”

My colleague Andrew Lipsman, VP of Marketing Insights here at comScore, penned the above headline as he was analyzing the trends in online shopping and buying this past holiday season. It succinctly summarizes what we think happened, and I thought it valuable to elaborate a little on the issue in light of our upcoming 2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future... Read more

Blog Dec. 14, 2015 | Share

Story of the 2015 Holiday Season: Mobile is Eating Brick-And-Mortar Retail

Story of the 2015 Holiday Season: Mobile is Eating Brick-And-Mortar Retail

We’re now in the thick of the 2015 online holiday shopping season, and the shopping dynamics this year are as interesting as ever. And while I could pontificate on any number of fascinating storylines, I keep coming back to one overarching theme: Mobile is Eating Brick-and-Mortar Retail. Read more

Blog Dec. 9, 2015 | Share

Nine Consecutive Billion-Dollar Days of Online Desktop Spending Mark the Longest Streak Ever

Nine Consecutive Billion-Dollar Days of Online Desktop Spending Mark the Longest Streak Ever

The dust is finally beginning to settle after a busy last couple of weeks for retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now in the rearview mirror, allowing us to temporarily enter cruise control in the week ahead of Green Monday and reflect on how the busiest shopping period of the year has performed up to this point. Through the first 36 days of... Read more

Blog Nov. 20, 2015 | Share

Q3 2015 E-Commerce Jumps 15% Y/Y to $69.7 Billion in Sales

Q3 2015 E-Commerce Jumps 15% Y/Y to $69.7 Billion in Sales

With Thanksgiving in less than a week, Americans are not only gearing up for their annual feast with family and friends, but they’re also preparing for the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season in the days immediately following. While comScore plans to release its official holiday season online spending forecast on our State of Online Retail... Read more

Blog Jun. 11, 2015 | Share

How the “Buy Button” Can Help Fill the M-Commerce Gap

Share of Online Retail Browsing vs. Spending by Platform

While mobile has been quick to gain the attention of consumers, it has been much slower at driving dollars. comScore’s recently released Q1 2015 data shows that while 59 percent of digital shopping time occurred on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets only drove 15 percent of total e-commerce spending – a phenomenon we call the “M-Commerce... Read more

Blog Dec. 8, 2014 | Share

How Mobile is Transforming Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving Dilemma

Ever since the initial NRF report of an 11% decline in retail buying over the four day Thanksgiving weekend, a doom-and-gloom narrative has overtaken a retail season that had many folks optimistic about the chances of a significant rebound due to improving macroeconomic indicators. As a result of the NRF report, some analysts have suggested that many... Read more

Blog Nov. 21, 2013 | Share

Four Digital Trends to Watch this Holiday Shopping Season

The trees may not be trimmed nor the menorahs lit (yet!), but the 2013 online holiday shopping season is already well underway. While we’re predicting a combin ed 14-17% growth in holiday desktop e-commerce and mobile commerce vs. last year, we’re tempering our expectations a bit thanks to discretionary spending being squeezed and six fewer shopping... Read more

Blog Nov. 19, 2013 | Share

Crystal Ball: 5 Bold Predictions for the 2013 Holiday Season

Crystal Ball 5 Bold Predictions for the 2013 Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday inching ever closer, the 2013 holiday season is nearly upon us. With many stakeholders eager to gain some foresight as to what this season might have in store, we at comScore decided to take out our crystal ball and make five bold predictions about what headlines w e’re likely to see by the time the... Read more

Blog Aug. 22, 2013 | Share

2013 Digital Future in Focus Series

In 2012, the digital landscape underwent a sea of change as areas such as search, social, online advertising, mobile and e-commerce each experienced dynamic shifts and disruptions. To guide you in navigating this Brave New Digital World, comScore presents its annual Digital Future in Focus series of global reports which provide industry-leading insights... Read more

Blog Feb. 19, 2013 | Share

Putting the Digital Future in Focus: Key Trends that Will Shape the U.S. Digital Industry in 2013

2013 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

Last week comScore released the 2013 U.S. Digital Future in Focus, our annual report on the prevailing trends poised to shape the U.S. digital industry in the year ahead. The report features insights from many critical and evolving facets of the digital landscape, including social media, search, online video, digital advertising, mobile and e-commerce,... Read more