Blog Mar. 13, 2014 | Share comScore’s Approach to Capturing Value from Big Data Showcased in MIT Case Study

comScore’s Approach to Capturing Value from Big Data Showcased in MIT Case Study

As the media analytics landscape continues to evolve, understanding how to leverage big data for long term value-creation should be a core competency for any leading media and technology company. In order to help the next generation of business leaders, comScore recently collaborated – including in-depth interviews with members of the senior management... Read more

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5 Reasons to Start Using Direct View Today

Everyone these days is talking about wearable Internet-enabled devices. What if you could have extra data layered on top of what you see? Would it be easier to make decisions when you could have detailed data incorporated right into what is directly in front of you? It’s not just wearable computers that are adding data to real-life situations.... Read more

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The Advent of the Computer

From its very first applications, it was clear that the computer would forever change our lives. Although opinions vary, most historians would contend that the computer’s origins predate the minicomputers and microprocessors of the 1960s and ’70s by a couple of decades—ages, in technological terms. According to the experts, Colossus was the world’s... Read more

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The Top 10 Digital Media Trends of 2010

comScore just released our annual U.S. Digital Year in Review report, which does a deep dive on key digital media trends of the year. 2010 was another great year for the digital media world, as we not only saw the industry claw its way back from the recession but through continued innovation it managed to expand and attract more consumer and advertising... Read more

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The Summer Davos in Tianjin, China

I recently attended the World Economic Forum (WEF) “Annual Meeting of the New Champions”, also known as the Summer Davos, in the northern port city of Tianjin, China. The three day WEF conference attracted some 1,500 high profile leaders, academics and business leaders from almost 90 countries. I was flattered to be among the invitees. Read more

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