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Blog Sep. 19, 2016 | Share

OpenTable, Nike+ and United Airlines Top List of Highest Indexing Apps Among Affluent Users

OpenTable, Nike+ and United Airlines Top List of Highest Indexing Apps Among Affluent Users

In conducting research for the The 2016 U.S. Mobile App Report, it became apparent that the audience composition of an app can widely differ from one to another. With this in mind, we decided to take a look at apps that skew heaviest among users in the higher income brackets, as this can be a particularly valuable demographic segment for marketers.... Read more

Blog Jun. 27, 2016 | Share

Digital Audiences Bloom in Warmer Months for Seasonal Travel Categories

Summer has officially arrived, and many consumers across the U.S. are finalizing their seasonal travel plans or have already embarked on their summer vacations. With school out of session and the weather more pleasant, summer nearly always tends to see a boost in travel activity. Interestingly, consumers’ online activity reflects this ‘real-life’... Read more

Blog Jul. 25, 2013 | Share

Get Mobile - Now!

Smartphone & tablet usage time with digital content has doubled in three years.

Mobile devices are having a large impact on how consumers research and purchase online travel services. These changes, which are profound and taking place at a rapid pace, present both challenges and opportunities for those in the hospitality sector. In this blog post, comScore co-founder and chairman Gian Fulgoni explores mobile media usage, content... Read more

Blog Aug. 1, 2011 | Share

Summer Travel Search: Are We There Yet?

Summer travel is a daunting prospect. Everything is packed: the planes, the hotels, the roads, and your cars (especially those with kids). We have all witnessed epic meltdowns by fellow travelers and travel workers alike, the heat and the impatience pushing everyone to their breaking point. Fortunately the Internet has taken some of the hassle out... Read more

Blog Sep. 16, 2010 | Share

U.S. Online Travel Spending Rebounds

While we tend to focus much of our attention on retail e-commerce spending trends as a gauge of the U.S. consumer economy, it can be easy to overlook another important sector of e-commerce: online travel. Though it no longer drives the majority of online spending, it still amounts to $80 billion annually, or about 40% of total e-commerce. Read more

Blog Apr. 7, 2008 | Share

The Offline Impact of Online Advertising

I published an article in the Harvard Business Review this month, summarizing some of the work comScore has been doing with clients to evaluate the effectiveness of online advertising. As with most things in business, the return on investment is what drives future plans, especially advertising plans. Read more