January 23, 2012

BlackBerry Users More Likely to be Older and Affluent

Kate Dreyer
Director, Corporate Communications
The mobile industry is buzzing with news of a CEO shuffle at RIM, leading us to take a closer look at today's BlackBerry user. When compared to an average smartphone owner, BlackBerry users are more likely to be older, possess higher household income and have all or part of their mobile bill paid for by an employer. BlackBerry users over indexed in all age segments 35-64 in November 2011, with the 55-64 age bracket showing the highest index of 120. BlackBerry audiences were also more likely to have a household income greater than $75k when compared to average smartphone owners.

BlackBerry users were most likely to have their employer cover all or some of their mobile bill (a combined 16.4 percent), demonstrating the device maker's continued focus on business audiences.

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