July 29, 2014 - Event: Dutch Digital Market Overview

Dutch Digital Market Overview June 2014

Hélène Azevedo
Marketing Manager Europe

Your monthly snapshot of digital audience trends

  • 13.6 million people in The Netherlands accessed the internet via their desktop PCs or laptops in June 2014. Overall, 82% of all internet users also consumed videos online.
  • Yahoo reached over 3.8 million users with its online offerings, making it the top performer in terms of Month-on-Month audience increase among the Top 15 online properties. Broadcaster RTL Group Sites reached 1 in 3 Dutch internet users and entered the Top 10 online property rankings for the first time in 2014.
  • In June, Collective @ YouTube entered the Top 15 YouTube Partner rankings for the very first time in 2014, reaching 859.000 video viewers in The Netherlands.

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