Action Lift Helps Optimize Campaign Based on Publisher Performance

Agusto Alarco
Agusto Alarco
Senior Director, Client Insights
Comscore proves impact of digital campaign by showing lift in brand share at online checkout and helps client optimize campaign based on publisher performance.

The Scenario

Payment brand client wanted to assess the impact of their digital campaign on consumers’ payment behavior at online checkouts and to determine how publishers contributed to the overall campaign performance.

The Solution

Comscore leveraged passively observed e-commerce behavior to measure the lift in brand share at online checkout among consumers exposed to the digital campaign content and determine campaign impact by publisher.

Number 1

Campaign Setup

Brand adds Comscore tags to their campaign and selects Comscore’s Action Lift (AL) to track campaign performance:

  • The Comscore tag leverages behavioral data to determine exposure to campaign content.
  • Comscore’s Action Lift (AL) compares passively observed e-commerce behavior between Exposed and Non-Exposed groups to measure the lift in brand share in online checkouts.
Number 2

Campaign Activated

Brand runs the campaign across multiple digital publishers to evaluate the impact holistically and by publisher.

Number 3

Performance Measured

Campaign performance is measured based on the lift in brand’s e-commerce share of online transactions

  • For the entire Exposed population to assess campaign impact holistically.
  • Broken out by publisher to which respondents were exposed to in order to assess the impact each publisher had on the campaign.

The Results

Comscore proved that their brand share at online checkout increased by +1.5% among exposed consumers and allowed the brand to focus future campaign dollars on top performing publishers.


Total Increase in Brand Share

Brand Share At Online Checkout And Share Lift By Publisher
Source: Comscore Action Lift Jan-Mar'23 US Desktop Ecommerce Transactions among Top 300 sites