Comscore Campaign Ratings Hispanic Reach By Publisher

Matthew Wiesemann
Matthew Wiesemann
Senior Manager, Marketing
An alcoholic beverage brand uses Comscore Campaign Ratings to identify publishers reaching a key demographic audience for LDA compliance.

Unique Audience Reach allows marketers to measure which platforms or publishers are delivering unduplicated campaign reach to key extended demographics past age and gender, including HHI, race, ethnicity, and presence of children. Are you ready to learn what CCR can do for your cross-platform ad campaigns?

The Scenario

A global alcohol brand leverages CCR to identify which English-language publisher partners are effectively reaching Hispanic audiences of a legal drinking age.

The Solution

Number 1

Step 1

Implement CCR using Comscore’s easy-to-append digital tag to capture valuable campaign delivery metrics across both standard age and gender and extended demographic audiences.

Number 2

Step 2

Measure the complete campaign flight to strategically analyze deduplicated Reach, Frequency, and Unique Audience at a partner level.

Number 3

Step 3

Optimize audience targeting strategies and publisher impression volumes to efficiently re-allocate partner spend.

The Results

Platform and publisher specific reporting allowed the client to understand Reach, Unique Audience, and Incremental Reach to Linear TV within each market, providing actionable insights into how to best re-allocate campaign spend and update targeting for optimal ROI and emphasizing the effectiveness of targeting capabilities in compliment to linear TV.

  • While Telemundo, Unimas, Univision and TUDN show the highest Unique Hispanic Audience reach as expected, the inclusion of NBC, FX and MTV in the brand campaign provided additional Reach to unique Hispanic audiences that were not consuming content on major Spanish language networks.

% Unique Hispanic Audience
Source: Comscore Campaign Ratings – National – Blinded Client Study Q3’23