Increasing in-target delivery with Centro

A Centro advertiser client improved in-target delivery six‑fold using Comscore’s cost‑efficent age and gender segments.

The Scenario

An advertiser of pregnancy products was looking for a cost-efficient way to target women aged 25‑to‑34 via Centro's Basis demand-side platform (DSP).

The Solution

The advertiser activated Comscore’s page-level segments in pre-bid and measured in-target performance using Comscore vCE.

Number 1

First, Comscore’s trusted page-level audience segments and visitor indices were surfaced in Centro’s Basis DSP.

The advertiser then selected the “Women, 25 - 34” segment as a prebid inventory filter.

Number 2

As a result, biddable inventory was limited to pages with a high composition of visitors who are women aged 25-to-34.

As the campaign ran, the advertiser ran ads only on pages that performed well against the target segment.

Number 3

Comscore vCE was then used to measure in-flight delivery performance against the advertiser’s target demographic.

The Success

Comscore’s pre-bid segments enabled the advertiser to substantially increase in-target delivery, which is particularly exciting as Women, 25 - 34, is an extremely small target.

Benefits included:

In-target delivery improved by 6x when compared to a campaign without a demographic segment applied.

In-target efficiency, measured via an effective CPM (or eCPM), improved by a factor of five.

Comscore’s easy-to-use integration with Centro drove significant savings by reducing costs associated with cookie-syncing.