- 17 de febrero, 2013

An Average Monday in the UK: PCs for Lunch, Tablets for Dinner

In today’s multi-platform environment many people consume content on the go using different devices throughout the day. Looking at the share of device page traffic on a typical work day in the UK, we can see that mobiles capture the largest share of page traffic in the early mornings, especially between 7am-9am as Brits consume digital content over breakfast or during their commute to work.

The highest share of computer usage occurs during core working hours (10am-5pm), taking a dip in traffic share in the evenings after 8pm. This makes room for tablets which are used heavily during evenings, with share of device page traffic peaking at 8pm-9pm on a typical workday in the UK.

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Share of Device Page Traffic on a Typical Workday

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