- 4 de octubre, 2021

Reach Gaming Audiences Through Predictive Audiences

Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Vicepresidenta, Activation
Colan Neese
Colan Neese
VP, Business Development

In our most recent webinar, Comscore, the leader in audience activation/targeting, joined Spiketrap, the premier contextualization company powering audience intelligence, to help you understand how you can reach gaming audiences aligned to your campaign goals based on game-specific, genre, and persona-based segments within leading Demand Side Platforms (DSPs). 

Comcore and Spiketrap have also come together to create a best-in-class solution for safely targeting gaming audiences. With third party cookie deprecation fast approaching, Comscore and Spiketrap will now offer advertisers and agencies new solutions to ensure that their campaigns will continue to reach the right audiences in a brand safe manner across programmatic digital, mobile, video, CTV and podcast inventory.

Key topics covered in this webinar included:

  • How will these segments help you to prepare for targeting in a cookie-free world?
  • How can Comscore Predictive Audiences help you to future proof your targeting strategy?
  • What data assets does Spiketrap have and how do these assets fuel segments?
  • What are the top uses cases for these contextual audiences and how will they drive greater ROI?

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