- 17 de mayo, 2024
Alejandro Fosk
Alejandro Fosk
EVP, International

Advertising Week Europe 2024 has just finished, and what a great event it was! The spotlight was on the remarkable talents in our industry – congratulations to all the winners of the Future is Female Awards! The event also showcased innovative solutions and provided valuable insights on how marketers can optimize their investments.

Innovation in a changing landscape

At the Innovation Zone, I had a great discussion with Louise Dilulio, the Chief Client Officer at Advertising Week about the challenges and solutions in cross-platform measurement. We kicked off our discussion with an in-depth look at the current landscape of audience measurement in Europe. We explored how fragmentation and the role of Joint Industry Committees (JICs) are shaping strategies. From there, we discussed the booming content consumption on social platforms and how marketers can harness Total Digital to achieve comprehensive audience measurement despite the third-party cookies signal loss.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, presenting new challenges for marketers every day. To stay ahead, embracing innovation, especially in digital measurement, is crucial.

The impact of social media on digital users

The way digital content is consumed has evolved over the last several years. Social media has become a key channel for publishers and brands. It’s essential for advertising strategies to analyze their content potential across all platforms, despite the challenges posed by traditional walled gardens like social media. Comscore’s Total Digital measurement offers marketers the solution to deliver comprehensive reports which span social media to desktop and mobile audiences.

Setting the new standard in audience measurement

With the recent launch of Social Incremental, Comscore keeps showcasing its commitment to evolving alongside industry needs. In Europe, this groundbreaking solution was released in March 2024, and it is fast becoming a digital cross-platform measurement game-changer. Social Incremental is transforming digital measurement standards by providing a deduplicated view of audiences across desktop, mobile, and social platforms, enhancing the accuracy of digital behavior and engagement assessments.

But there is more. The loss of third-party cookies and the rise of privacy regulations have compounded the complexities of cross-platform measurement. We are dedicated and laser-focused on ensuring that we are leading media measurement forward in a manner designed with privacy-in-mind. Our Unified Digital Measurement (UDM) 2.0 methodology, which is the next generation of our Unified Digital Measurement (UDM), is powered by a new, enhanced methodology that utilizes first-party IDs in place of third-party signals.

Advertising Week Europe 2024 provided fundamental insights to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. I am thankful to all the attendees who contributed to the dialogue on our industry's challenges and the opportunities that they present. At Comscore, we are confident our course will remain true to continuing to provide innovative solutions to digital measurement.

In this continuously changing and complex digital landscape, a holistic data measurement solution developed in a privacy sensitive manner is the key answer to enabling marketers to face the audience challenge.

For more information about how Comscore can enhance your digital marketing strategies in the cross-platform landscape contact us.