- 13 de marzo, 2013

The Multi-Platform World is Complex…How Do We Measure It?

The days of simple digital consumption are over. People continue to use PCs, but now over 12% of digital hits come from non-computer platforms, and that number has doubled in the last year alone. The digital experience is scattered across a number of different devices and platforms, all of which demand high-quality, objective audience measurement.

In this presentation Joan FitzGerald, Vice President of Television and Cross-Media Solutions at Comscore, discusses the growing complexity of digital consumption and how MMX® Multi-Platform, Comscore’s digital audience measurement and optimization solution, helps companies navigate this challenging landscape.

Some of the questions this presentation addresses:

  • Who and how many consume any content across various platforms?
  • How do they engage with this content?
  • What is the person level overlap between computer, smartphone, tablet and TV audiences?