- 25 de agosto, 2014

Optimizing Content and Marketing Strategies for Today’s Health Insurance Shopper

Susan Engleson
Susan Engleson
Senior Director, Products

Health Insurers are facing unique challenges and opportunities across their digital channels ahead of the next open enrollment season. Understanding consumer online shopping behavior and competitor online strategies, both in the individual health plan arena as well as in the Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage businesses, are critical to success. In this presentation, Comscore Insurance Practice leader Susan Engleson provides data and insights from the 2014 open enrollment season and details how insurers can leverage these insights to optimize their digital content and marketing strategies

Some highlights in the presentation include:

  • 6.4MM people shopped for individual health plans in Q1, 3.5MM at government exchanges, 3.0MM at aggregator sites, and 800K at insurer sites
  • In Q2 – after the close of open enrollment – about two hundred thousand people per week shopped for individual health insurance plans
  • Shoppers skewed younger in Q1 2014 than in Q4 2013
  • Plan recommender tools are popular with health insurance shoppers
  • Several Medicare sites had over 1MM visitors in Q4 2013