- 22 de marzo, 2017

2017 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus

Amidst a backdrop of TV and digital convergence, the demands on marketers and media companies to understand how the media landscape is evolving have never been greater.

In this report, we will examine some of the most important sectors of the cross-platform media landscape in 2016 to determine what the key trends are, who is leading the way and what it all means for the year ahead – and beyond. It is an exciting time in the media industry, and we hope this exploration of today’s key issues helps put the Cross-Platform Future in Focus.

Some key topics in the report include:

  • How time-shifted and over-the-top viewing is altering the TV viewing landscape
  • The ongoing shift of digital media audiences to mobile
  • The year’s biggest and fastest growing mobile apps and digital media properties
  • The importance of social media and video platforms
  • The impact of viewability and invalid traffic in the digital ad ecosystem
  • Mobile’s growing share of online shopping and commerce
  • The top studios and films at the 2016 box office