- 15 de diciembre, 2017

The Future of Voice From Smartphones to Smart Speakers to Smart Homes

Susan Engleson
Susan Engleson
Senior Director, Products

Since Apple introduced Siri to iPhone users in 2011, voice technology has grown to become a staple feature not only on smartphones but across an array of internet-enabled devices in the home. Most notable of these is the smart speaker, which has quickly found itself in more than one out of ten Wi-Fi connected homes, with Amazon, Google and Apple all competing in the space.

Comscore Senior Director of Emerging Products Susan Engleson examines how consumers are interacting with voice-enabled devices today and what role this emerging technology might play in our lives in the future.

Key topics covered in this presentation include:

  • Consumer adoption trends for voice-enabled devices
  • Amazon Echo devices and increasing competition in the smart speaker market
  • Demographics of smart speaker households
  • Cross-device usage of smart speakers and other smart home devices
  • Consumer expectations for future smart home device adoption

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