- 30 de junio, 2021

Comscore and the Role of Privacy: Context and History of Online Measurement

 Michael Vinson, PhD
Michael Vinson, PhD
Chief Research Officer

The online advertising ecosystem has been buffeted by a series of announcements and proposals coming from some of the largest platforms in the world, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook.

However, much of the coverage fails to provide the context and history that would help non-experts understand the issues involved and the impact on their lives. This whitepaper provides context for important recent developments for advertisers and brands.

To learn more about how Comscore approaches online privacy, please contact us today or email Michael Vinson directly at mvinson@comscore.com.

Whitepaper Contents

Online Measurement in a Privacy-Forward Future
Background and History
- Cookies: First- and Third-party
- The Role of Browsers and Walled Gardens
- Chrome and Google Privacy Announcements
- Comscore's Trajectory
Where Do We Go from Here?
In Summary

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