Comscore Predictive Audiences Drive Campaign Performance for Amusement Park Brand

Channel Factory
Channel Factory used Comscore’s privacy-forward Predictive Audiences to help an international amusement park achieve the most efficient Cost-Per-Video-View and Video Completion Rate.

In addition, Comscore Predictive Audiences significantly outperformed standard contextual targeting. Are you ready to learn what Comscore Predictive audiences can do for your ad campaigns?

The Scenario

A leading amusement park in Sweden, seeks most effective targeting to drive YouTube campaign performance.

The Solution

Number 1

Campaign Setup

Brand selects 2 types of targeting to test performance:

  • Contextual Targeting
  • Comscore Predictive Audience Targeting focused on characteristics such as young adults, parents, and people who are out and about
Number 2

Campaign Activated

Brand runs the campaign across YouTube inventory to evaluate the targeting tactics, holding all other parameters constant

Number 3

Performance Measured

Campaign performance measured based on:

  • Video Completion
  • Cost per Video View

The Results

Leading amusement park achieved higher video completion rate using Comscore’s Predictive Audiences

  • Comscore Predictive Audiences outperform standard contextual targeting
  • 18% higher video completion rate


Brand achieved a more efficient cost per video view using Comscore’s Predictive Audiences compared to standard contextual targeting.

  • Comscore Predictive Audiences achieved a -19% lower CPV