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Comscore Direct is a self-service portal for managing the measurement of your content – including web pages, mobile apps, ad networks, and distributed content.

Companies who tag with Comscore extend their exposure in the market and are seen – maybe for the first time – by media planners, advertisers, investors, and others who use Comscore data to inform critical business decisions on a daily basis. Tagging all your digital assets through Comscore Direct ensures you, and the industry, see your complete digital footprint, across all devices and audiences.

When you register for Comscore Direct, you control how your entities are reported by Comscore because you organize and initiate the tagging process.

After your tags are placed on your content, Comscore Direct provides an easy interface to track and validate global traffic counts on a daily - even hourly - basis, giving you confidence that your assets are reported accurately.

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How does tagging with Comscore work?

It's easy for publishers, advertising networks, and content creators to tag, manage, and monitor their content in Comscore Direct.

After signing up through Comscore Direct, participants receive unique tags to place across their digital assets. Once tags are placed, Comscore can view these calls on its consumer research panel in addition to measuring the direct server calls. This unique perspective allows Comscore to validate that the tag calls are measuring activities consistent with its audience measurement methodology. Comscore applies proprietary data cleansing, dictionary rules, and validation processes, and once validated the tag counts are used to set the usage levels by site, resulting in the audience measurement.

Is there a cost to start tagging with Comscore Direct?

Anyone may tag their web pages and apps with Comscore Direct for FREE. Access includes the ability to review your tag requests and monitor the coverage of your content. Access to the MMX Suite, which includes MMX Multi-Platform, Video Metrix Multi-Platform, Mobile Metrix and so much more, your metrics along with granular competitive insights and demographic reporting requires a subscription. If you are interested in finding out more about these subscription services, please contact our sales team.

Where can I find more information?

For more information, there are Getting Started guides, How to Use guides, and FAQs here: https://direct-support.comscore.com/