- 9 novembre 2022

World Series 2022 is a Home Run Across Screens

Caleb White
Caleb White
Associate Analyst, Content & Insights
Madison Busick
Madison Busick
Senior Marketing Associate
Baseball, America's pastime, has made its way beyond the ballpark and into our homes on a variety of screens. In September alone, MLB.com reached nearly 9% of the US internet population, with users spending 15 million hours on the site1.

As the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros battled it out in this year's World Series, we saw Houston lead the local television ratings. Game 6, which ended the series, had the highest rating for Houston as the Astros won, while Philadelphia saw its peak during Game 2 at home.

Game Date Location Winner Rating Houston Rating Philadelphia
1 10/28 Houston Phillies 32.2 19.4
2 10/29 Houston Astros 37.2 25.8
3 11/1 Philadelphia Phillies 39.4 35.0
4 11/2 Philadelphia Astros 37.3 30.5
5 11/3 Philadelphia Astros 36.6 31.2
6 11/5 Houston Astros 43.7 29.4

Comscore QuickScore, All Networks, Houston and Philadelphia Market, Oct. 28 – Nov. 5, 2022, U.S.

As we have seen in previous research, sports fans tend to head to social media during game times. This series was no different, with 32.2 million actions throughout the series across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok2, and 20 million views on YouTube3.

Philadelphia took the top spot for earned media on social while Houston saw better results on their earned media. Posts mentioning only the Astros accumulated 6.5 million actions during the series, while posts mentioning only the Phillies saw 9.1 million actions2. Content posted by the Astros had 6.2 million actions while posts from the Phillies had 4.9 million4.

Houston had almost twice the engagement on their top post than the Phillies' top post, 226 thousand actions and 132 thousand actions, respectively5.

The top two posts by total actions about the World Series were funny game highlights on TikTok2.

The top posts from creators were from Chloë Bailey, who sang the National Anthem at one of the games, and Will Smith, showing his support for the Phillies6.

On YouTube, the MLB's highlights compilation from game 1 topped the charts with 1.7 million views3.

Houston won on the field, on Television, and on owned social, though not without a fight from Philadelphia which created its own buzz.

Looking at the bigger picture, The World Series, which would have once been an almost exclusively television story, has now expanded to a variety of platforms from Instagram to YouTube and TikTok. Stay tuned as we cover future events and the expansion of the media universe.

Metric Definitions

  • Actions: The total number of actions (reactions, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, loves) the specified property receives during the defined time period 
  • Rating: The percentage of the household universe that viewed the classification (network, telecast, ad, etc.). Calculated by dividing average audience by the total TV households in the selected market(s)
  • % Reach: The % of the total universe accounted for by the total site visitors. 


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