- 27 octobre - 28 octobre 2020

ARF OTTxScience

- Cet évènement est terminé -

The ARF’s OTT virtual event is dedicated to exploring recent trends as well as identifying the drivers of viewing behavior and the business of OTT in the “new normal”: How are viewing patterns and preferences evolving? What strategies are streaming companies employing to maintain and increase market share? How are studios evaluating and overcoming production challenges? Today’s OTT landscape is vastly different from one year ago – how can advertisers take advantage of the shifts?

The Future of OTT: How 2020 Will Shape OTT Streaming in the Years Ahead

28 octobre : 12:00 - 14:00 ET
John Bulgrin
John Bulgrin
Senior Vice President, Commercial

Throughout 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic disrupted audience consumption habits across media, with OTT consumption-in particular-experiencing a noticeable, sustained uptick. How did audiences engage differently across streaming services in 2020, and how might these habits continue as television evolves? Discover what insights are revealed into how households engage with OTT to help drive future planning efforts for the next generation of TV.