- 14 juillet 2015

The Global Mobile Report

Adam Lella
Senior Marketing Insights Analyst
Andrew Lipsman
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Insights
Ben Martin
Director, International Marketing Insights

Over the past several years, internet usage across the globe has increasingly shifted from desktop to multi-platform. With mobile now the leading digital platform in many global markets, publishers need to understand the full extent of their global multi-platform audience’s behaviors, while advertisers must understand these shifts in media consumption in order to reach their audiences most efficiently.

In The Global Mobile Report: How Multi-Platform Audiences & Engagement Compare in the US, Canada, UK and Beyond, Comscore seeks to address these needs by sharing insights into how much global and mobile audiences contribute to a publisher’s total audience, and how the digital populations in three major markets (US, Canada, UK) compare with one another behaviorally and demographically.

Key topics covered in the report’s cross-market comparisons include:

  • Time split between platforms, devices, and browser/app
  • Device preferences by demographics
  • How Millennials behave differently from the total population
  • Smartphone penetration
  • iPhone vs. Android preferences
  • Highest indexing categories on different platforms
  • Top multi-platform media properties
  • 'Most mobile' media properties

Media Ratings

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