- 16 octobre 2018

Ad Targeting in the Age of Privacy

Rachel Gantz
Rachel Gantz
Directrice, Activation Solutions
Cory Meyer
Cory Meyer
Director, Product Management

New regulation and lingering issues related to brand safety have had tremendous impacts on the advertising industry in 2018, causing many to reassess their programmatic targeting and packaging strategies. Amid these developments, Comscore’s worked closely with advertisers and publishers alike to help solve their most pressing challenges.

In our “Ad Targeting in the Age of Privacy” webinar, Comscore experts share insights on how marketers and publishers are navigating today’s complex and evolving digital landscape.

Topics covered in this webinar include: 

  • Facts, figures and the headlines that have defined 2018
  • Contextual targeting best practices to help you succeed in this new landscape
  • Client success stories and key learnings

To learn more about how Comscore can help you achieve impactful, brand-safe ad delivery – while remaining compliant – please click here.

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