- 21 avril 2021

Comscore Snapshots: lifestyle media in the Asia-Pacific region

Alex Gevers
Alex Gevers
Senior Insights Manager

In this week’s edition of Comscore Snapshots, we look at lifestyle media in the Asia-Pacific region. Our analysis includes statistics for Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Lifestyle media spans a wide range of topics. In this blog post we include online entities that focus on aspects of life such as beauty and fashion, dating, cooking, home decoration, DIY and architecture, religion and spirituality. Examples of such sites are listed in the table below.

Table 1. Examples of ‘Lifestyle’-related domains

Country Entity
Australia Recipetineats.com (Food)
 Goodhousekeeping.com (Home economics, women's interest)
Hong Kong Ulifestyle.com.hk (Travel, beauty)
 Openrice.com (Food)
India Zomato.com (Restaurant search and discovery service)
 Herzindagi.com (Women’s interest)
Indonesia Dream.co.id (Women’s interest)
 Popbela.com (Fashion and beauty)
Malaysia Iluminasi.com (Societal trends & life advice)
 Rasa.my (Food)
Singapore Mothership.sg (Societal trends & life advice)
 8days.sg (Food, movies, music, fashion, beauty, travel)
Taiwan Beauty 321.com (Women’s interest)
 Walkerland.com.tw (Food)

Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Total Audience, Feb 2021, Asia-Pacific region.

Because it touches on so many topics, the lifestyle media reaches a large proportion of the digital population. This can be seen in the table below, where in some countries the reach exceeds 90%. 

Table 2. Reach of lifestyle media in selected countries in the APAC region

  % reach of total digital population
Australia 90.2
Hong Kong 90.1
India 43.4
Indonesia 50.0
Malaysia 77.5
Singapore 82.3
Taiwan 94.3

Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Total Audience, Feb 2020, Asia-Pacific region. (N.B. desktop only for all markets except India, Indonesia and Malaysia which include mobile)

For consumers, lifestyle media is a great way to navigate societal trends and stay abreast of news that impact their daily lives. For advertisers, it provides a vehicle to target highly engaged and well-defined audiences. As a result, the lifestyle media landscape is fairly fragmented and competitive. 

Table 3. Market competitiveness and consumer adoption of online lifestyle-related sites and apps

  Number of lifestyle-related websites or mobile apps that reach more than 1% of the total digital population
Australia 46
Hong Kong 50
India 17
Indonesia 31
Malaysia 39
Singapore 50
Taiwan 65

Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Total Audience, Feb 2021, Asia-Pacific region.


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