Third-Party Cookie Deprecation is Still on the Horizon

Keep Your Foot on the Pedal

- 25 avril 2024
Kelly Barrett
Kelly Barrett
SVP, Product Management

The digital advertising landscape is shifting again and preparing for a future without third-party (3P) signals remains more critical than ever.

Google announced yesterday that it will delay the deprecation of third-party cookies past 2024, but that it remained focused on prioritizing consumer privacy in the interim. As part of that announcement, Google reiterated its commitment to working with governing bodies (the UK’s CMA & ICO) to complete their review and proceed with 3P cookie deprecation in early 2025. The time to adapt is still now.

For Comscore, consumer privacy is mission critical — and we know our clients and partners share this concern. Consequently, we are dedicated to leading measurement, planning, and activation forward in a manner designed with privacy-in-mind. The Google announcement does not shift our priorities. Signal loss from other browser changes, mobile limitations and privacy regulations are all significant changes that measurement and activation are facing and that everyone in the industry should continue to tackle with urgency. Likewise, we will accelerate our efforts at ensuring that advertisers and publishers alike can reach audiences in a manner that respects consumer privacy and consent.

Comscore’s Unified Digital Measurement (UDM 2.0)

In addressing these challenges, Comscore has continued to lead the way in measurement innovation. Our Unified Digital Measurement (UDM 2.0) tool integrates data sources, including first-party data and contextual signals, to provide a comprehensive view of audience behaviors without the use of 3P cookies in an environment that Respects consumer privacy and choice.

Proximic by Comscore’s ID-free Predictive Audiences

Comscore’s ID-free Predictive Audiences by Proximic, which uses AI to bring together first-party and contextual data, have been demonstrated to deliver nearly double the reach of ID-based advertising at a one-third lower cost. This approach ensures that our partners can continue to effectively engage audiences while respecting consumer privacy —even as the landscape changes.

We invite our clients and prospective partners to engage with us as they continue to explore new digital measurement and activation methods. Comscore’s array of solutions across measurement, planning, and activation provides flexible and powerful options for maintaining robust measurement precision and audience activation in a post-cookie world.

While the path to a future without 3P signals is complex, we are dedicated to guiding our clients through this transition with innovative solutions that uphold the highest standards of data integrity and respect for consumer privacy.

Connect with Comscore to prepare for the future today. Contact your Comscore team or reach out to me directly to discuss how you can continue to plan, activate, measure, and optimize in current cookieless environments —and the eventual state of being fully cookieless.