Comscore Launches Authorized Tagging Partners Program for vCE Mobile to Measure Campaign Performance in Mobile Campaigns

Leading Mobile Media Partners Authorized to Effectively Tag and Measure Mobile Ad Campaigns In-App

RESTON, VA November 20, 2014 – Comscore, Inc. a global leader in measuring the digital world, today announced a comprehensive partnership program for validated Campaign Essentials™ Mobile (vCE® Mobile), Comscore’s campaign measurement solution for demographic delivery insights across smartphones and tablets, to enable accurate and holistic measurement of mobile campaign performance. Comscore, through its Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners program, has partnered with leading mobile media companies to expand the measureable reach of mobile advertising to include ads delivered in applications as well as browsers. Today, Comscore announced that its authorized tagging partners include AdColony, Addictive Mobility, BrightRoll, IgnitionOne, Kargo, Kiip, Netmining, NinthDecimal, Rhythm, RUN and Tremor Video with intent on continuously adding to this list throughout 2015 and beyond.

“Ensuring accurate and holistic measurement of mobile campaigns requires the ability to measure ad delivery on both mobile browsers and applications,” said Anne Hunter, SVP of Global Marketing Strategy at Comscore. “But measuring delivery in-app is more complex than mobile browsers, requiring unique techniques. As we seek to deliver increasingly reliable and granular measurement to media buyers, Comscore has partnered with today’s leading mobile media companies to authorize them for mobile campaign measurement in-app using vCE Mobile. With the help of our Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners, Comscore expects to provide media buyers with the data quality needed for greater confidence and better decisions in mobile media buying, which will ultimately help the mobile ad ecosystem reach its full potential.”

Mobile Authorized Tagging Partners Voice Support
"By including in-app mobile video advertising in the measurement mix, Comscore will help AdColony maximize the impact of our clients’ campaigns by ensuring impressions reach the right audience, in the right geography on the right devices. Comscore provides the transparency that is critical to growing mobile advertising and gives our clients and partners the confidence they need to invest where their consumers are spending time."
– David Kurtz, Chief Product Officer, AdColony, a division of Opera Mediaworks

“Our partnership with Comscore comes at an opportune time as brands and agencies continue to demand more insight into their mobile advertising spend. By teaming up with Comscore, we are able to validate our demographic in-app targeting methodologies and provide the transparency requested by our clients. This initiative should move the needle when it comes to increasing ad spend on mobile.”
– Naveed Ahmad, CEO, Addictive Mobility

“BrightRoll customers are demanding true cross-platform measurement and vCE mobile will bring them one step closer to understanding the results of their video ad campaigns across digital, regardless of device. Comscore is a long-trusted partner and we're excited to be a part of this program so that we may continue to bring sophisticated measurement tools and insights to advance the digital video advertising industry."
– Tim Avila, Senior Vice President of Marketing Operations, BrightRoll

“IgnitionOne and Netmining are extremely excited to work with Comscore as a Mobile Authorized Tagging partner. As the mobile space grows within our industry, it is a major development to be able to accurately identify key audiences in a cross-screen capacity. Becoming a vCE mobile partner will allow us to provide enhanced results for our clients – defining and precisely hitting the mobile audiences marketers want to reach. Our partnership with Comscore is a great example of how we collectively strive to innovate on targeting and mobile capabilities for marketers.”
– Keith Petri, VP Strategic Partnerships, IgnitionOne Group

"Given the complexities of digital advertising –and mobile, in particular –marketers like never before are demanding a clearer look into the performance of their ad campaigns. At Kargo, we have seen great success working with brands hungry for transparency into the inventory where their creative appears. Adding to that the ability to provide deep insight into how well a campaign targeted a specific audience –particularly on an individual site basis –through vCE Mobile is a powerful next step in the evolution of mobile ad measurement."
– Doug Rohrer, Chief Strategy Officer, Kargo

“We are thrilled to push mobile measurement forward together with Comscore. Kiip has seen great traction by championing a new mechanism for mobile campaign measurement — the moment — that enables brands to reach consumers when they are most happy, attentive and engaged. This partnership will greatly enhance our ecosystem and deliver tremendous value for the hundreds of brands purchasing moment-based inventory with Kiip.”
– Ali Merlino, SVP of Revenue, Kiip

“Comscore vCE Mobile verification is advancing mobile measurement, providing marketers with the same high quality performance they’ve come to expect with digital. We’re excited to offer our customers this added verification, reinforcing the precision and accuracy of our audience intelligence data and targeting."
– David Staas, President, NinthDecimal

“Cross screen video consumption by consumers has increased dramatically, and the ability for advertisers to plan, buy and measure performance holistically across devices has become imperative. Adding smartphones and tablets to Comscore vCE is a major step forward, enabling our brand advertisers to measure and optimize their premium mobile advertising campaigns in the same manner as their desktop and TV buys. Rhythm is proud to be a Comscore Mobile Authorized Tagging Partner.
– Josh Stivers, VP of Mobile Advertising Solutions, Rhythm

“We're thrilled to be a Comscore Mobile Authorized Tagging Partner. At RUN, we understand the complexities of the mobile space and the inherent challenges for measurement technologies - whether they're audience analytics or attribution tools. The more reliable the information about mobile activity is, the greater the yield will be from mobile investment. The potential for addressability is everywhere, on every screen, and we're excited to be partnering with Comscore to help our agency and brand partners reach that potential.”
– Kimberly Glaser, Director of Product, RUN

“We continue to focus on providing our clients with the ability to optimize across all screens, regardless of whether their goal relates to brand performance or demographics. The release of vCE Mobile allows our clients to measure and optimize to key demographics across their video buy, regardless of device.”
Katie Seitz Evans, VP of Strategy and Operations, Tremor Video

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