- 25 novembre 2011

Rugbyworldcup.com Sees Surge in Traffic Across Continents

The 2011 Rugby World Cup, held in New Zealand, attracted a lot of attention online. Rugbyworldcup.com saw the largest share of traffic during September 2011 across the 5 continents, with the most traffic coming from Europe (1.6 million visitors in September 2011).

However, when looking at the reach of Rugbyworldcup.com across all countries, New Zealand had the highest share of visitors relative to its online population, with 16.3 percent visiting the site during September 2011. The sporting events also created interest in other participating nations such as Ireland (3.2 percent reach), South Africa (2.7 percent), the UK (1.8 percent) and Australia, where 1.7 percent of the online audience visited the official Rugby World Cup site.

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