- 7 mars 2012

iPad Ownership Grows Among all U.S. Income Segments

Although upper income segments still represent the majority of iPad/iPad 2 owners in the U.S., all income segments are seeing impressive growth as more consumers* adopt iPad devices.

Nearly 900,000 iPad owners (5.6 percent of total iPad consumers) were in the < $25k household income bracket for the three-month average period ending January 2012, growing 79 percent since February 2011. Those in the $25k to < $50k bracket saw similar growth, increasing 96 percent to 1.8 million consumers. The strongest growth in iPad owners was seen in the $75k to < $100k bracket, which gained 121 percent to represent 2.8 million consumers in January 2012.

iPad owners in the $100k+ household income segment by far accounted for the largest share of users, representing 48.8 percent of today's iPad owners.

Income owners iPad US

*iPad audience is based on mobile phone subscribers that own an iPad or iPad 2, does not include devices used for enterprise purposes, in retail locations, etc.