- 19 juillet 2011

Beyond the PC: How Digital Consumption is Evolving in Southeast Asia

Intervenant: Joe Nguyen, Vice President, Southeast Asia

With the growth of tablets, smartphones, and other connected devices, consumers have more than one way to access media content. In countries such as Singapore, the share of digital traffic coming from these web-enabled devices accounts for almost 6 percent of total web traffic. As the digital media landscape evolves, advertisers and publishers need to have a full understanding of the size and composition of their audience in order to receive the best ROI on their digital investments.

Joe Nguyen discusses the evolution of digital audience measurement in Southeast Asia in response to consumers changing consumption patterns.

Session highlights include:

  • How to demonstrate the value of your entire audience and monetize your content irrespective of the access point.
  • Insights from Comscore’s new Device Essentials and Unified Digital Measurement solutions regarding digital traffic across all connected devices worldwide, according to device type, connection type, and geography.
  • Share of connected device traffic in Southeast Asia relative to the U.S. and other parts of the world.
  • A preview of the forthcoming total universe report, which covers home, work, shared use and mobile locations in Asia.