- 12 août 2015

Social Media Insights and Metrics

Iván Marchant
Iván Marchant
VP Comscore Latinoamérica

Marketing is experiencing the greatest transformation in recent years because social media is changing the way we do business. The conversations users are having online are not only impacting their social communities, but can also influence the decisions of any brand and its competitors.

On August 5th, Comscore held a breakfast in Mexico City on Social Media Insights & Metrics. Comscore in collaboration with Salesforce, presented findings about the industry and how companies can measure and monitor their social networks in real time using the Salesforce Command Center. The event began with a presentation from Ivan Marchant, Vice President of Comscore Mexico, who covered the most relevant insights on the State of Social Media in Mexico.

Key takeaways from this presentation include:

  • Mexico is the 4th country with the highest reach on Social Media sites in Latin America.
  • In all regions of the world, women are more social than men.
  • Social Media is the 2nd category of content that Mexicans spend the most time on by Internet PC / Laptop.
  • In terms of the highest growth of audience engagement, Twitter shows 954%, followed by Instagram with 326% and Facebook with 235%.

A second presentation by Daniele Barracas, Business Manager of Salesforce (Radian6), emphasized that social media has changed the way we communicate, which allows us to know in real time, how the public responds to a campaign across social networks.

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