- 20 avril 2015

Comscore IMS Mobile in LatAm Research Study

Rodrigo Ceron
Rodrigo Ceron
Senior Director, Global Marketing

Comscore in association with Internet Media Services (IMS) released the results of the first edition of the IMS Mobile in LatAm Research Study that shows the behavior of Latin American mobile users and their relationships with specific mobile apps such as: Twitter, Waze, Foursquare, Netflix, LinkedIn, Crackle, Swarm and Spotify, among others. The research collected from users in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile shows reach, familiarity, usage and importance that each of these applications have for both smartphones and tablets users.

Key findings of the IMS Mobile in LatAm Research Study include:

Mobile Device Use:

  • More than nine in ten online Latin Americans own or use a mobile device on a regular basis, and nearly all (99 percent) have apps downloaded on their services.

Mobile App Downloads:

  • Smartphone users in Latin America have downloaded an average of 18 apps on their devices.
  • Twenty-two percent of mobile users spend 20 hours or more each week using internet through their smartphones.

Most Popular Mobile Apps:

  • More than 60 percent of the mobile users of each specific app like Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify and Waze consider that they are very important in day-to-day life.

Tablet Use:

  • Tablet users in LatAm mostly use their devices at home, when spending time with friends, in the house of friends or family, or at school.

Tablet App Downloads:

  • Tablet users in Latin America have downloaded an average of 19 apps on their devices.
  • Twenty percent of tablet users spend more than 7 hours each week using the Internet through their tablet devices.