9 novembre 2022

Revving Up Your Social Revenue

Jason Clough
Jason Clough
Senior Director, Partnerships & Insights

Done correctly, branded content taps into new audiences, builds relationships with your competitors' consumers and pinpoints the persuadable market with precision.

Within this webinar, Comscore’s Ed Hannigan, Senior Vice President of Sales, and Jason Clough, Senior Director of Partnerships and Insights, unpacked all the actionable, cross-platform insights you need to create precise and cutting-edge branded content that will engage new and current audiences.

Key insights covered:

  • Which publishers are supercharging their sales with premium branded content
  • Which advertisers are most active in the branded campaign space in a post-COVID world
  • The new way cutting edge publishers are using social data to respond to campaign RFPs (Request for Proposal) with greater precision and granularity
  • Best practices on branded themes that stop the social scroll and prompt us all to engage
  • Unpacking examples from sectors like health and fitness where we break-out traffic trends and audience numbers.

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