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Comscore Branded Content™ combines scale, efficiency and the precision of AI technology to provide deep insights about brand logo exposures and audio mentions for brands.
Comscore’s partnership with Hive, a leading provider of enterprise AI solutions, enables a reimagined branded content offering, blending best-in-class tech, data, and expertise. This will allow clients to have access to new capabilities like competitive intelligence, scalable customization and much more. Evaluate the mix of channels and integration types to identify opportunities for more efficient flighting.
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Interactive dashboards enables instant analysis of near real-time data with always-on competitive intelligence. Users will have the ability to integrate social media and digital video, among other capabilities.


Logo Library

Our logo detection model has been trained to identify hundreds of brands with the capability of training new brands. Hive’s technology enables scalable enrichment of logo locations and other placement characteristics.

Logo Library

Massive Scale

Comscore’s massive data set is used to enrich branded content reporting. This allows the ability to report reach and frequency against campaigns defined by Hive’s ad feed.

Massive Scale
  • Analyze your performance against competition among audiences and creative segments.
  • Experience always-on monitoring of in-content brand exposures across 100+ national TV networks and measurement across multiple platforms.
  • Tap into competitive intelligence by accessing Hive’s logo detection model, share of voice insights and competitors’ branded content strategies.
  • Track and evaluate your ad spend across networks, household demographics, creative types and more.
  • Receive measurement for posts on social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, among other social posts.
  • Access data models to efficiently and accurately identify unbranded product exposures and enrich brand-level reporting by asset type.
  • Demonstrate the value of advertising in our channels with industry leading data and methodology.
  • Create point-and-click dashboards for intuitive, interactive data visualization, with the ability to customize reporting and export data for offline analysis.
  • Stay on top of audience data with the matching of branded content occurrences with exposure.

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Sales Manager

As Sales Manager for the National and Local TV Team, Renee has bridged the gap between brand sponsorship and measurement solutions. Renee has over 10 years of experience at Comscore working on Branded Content measurement and understands the need for comprehensive analysis of branded integrations.

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