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Precisely measuring movie viewership from more than 95% of the worldwide box office, comScore is the global source for box office results, real-time polling and long-lead measurement.

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comScore Box Office Essentials® is the movie industry’s census-based currency, collecting, processing and reporting on how many people go to the movies and how much they spend in virtually every theater in North America.
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comScore International Box Office Essentials® gives every major studio, mini-major and prominent independent film distributor in the worldwide industry the numbers they need,...
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comScore PostTrak™ exit polling service reports audience demographics and the aspects of each title that trigger interest and attendance – all in real time.
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comScore PreAct™ is a long-lead measurement tool that helps clients gauge the performance of a theatrical marketing campaign.
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comScore Swift™ is an electronic box office reporting system that facilitates an efficient flow of reconciled theater level ticket transactions, allowing for faster invoicing...
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